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About Ewing Law

Ewing Law was established in 2013 by Principle Solicitor Scott Ewing, a renowned legal practitioner with over twenty-years experience at the head of a national criminal defence team. After a lifetime working inside the restraints of that traditional model, Scott set up Ewing Law to offer something that others did not: The Right Team for the Right Case.

Many law firms offer the services of ‘in-house’ counsel, salaried barristers who exclusively undertake that firm’s court work. Ewing Law offers something else entirely. Our unique practice model allows us to work hand-in-hand with a number of long-established and highly regarded independent barristers who are based in the same Westminster premises as our firm. Operating exclusively with counsel of proven quality in the highest profile and most serious cases, this arrangement provides Ewing Law’s clients with immediate 24-hour access to the right team of solicitors, legal consultants and independent barristers, all from the very pinnacle of their professions.

Ewing Law also rejects the notion that any one law firm can truly specialise in every legal discipline. Instead we concentrate on those fields in which members of our extended team and our associates possess genuine expertise and experience: Serious Crime, White-Collar Fraud, Proceeds of Crime, Regulatory Law, Private Family and Sports Law.

We at Ewing Law recognise that no two cases and no two clients are ever the same. We recognise that counsel suited to one case or to one client may not be best suited to another and so we are dedicated to providing our clients with one all-important guarantee: that we will provide ‘The Right Team for the Right Case’.

Those who come to Ewing Law can do so with the confidence that their legal team will be handpicked for the exact specifications of their case. A truly bespoke legal service.