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Associate Counsel

Ewing Law takes pride in seeking the services of the very best barristers for any case. We recognize that even those at the top have their own particular strengths, and so we carefully review the needs of each individual case before we select the appropriate advocate.

For this reason we regularly instruct the leading criminal Chambers across the United Kingdom, to ensure that those with whom we work can provide the quality we guarantee to our clients. Our guiding ethos of “The Right Team for the Right Case” means that we will never close the door upon potential working partners but, for the most part, those who instruct us can expect to be represented by counsel from the following leading Chambers

Inevitably there are those counsel who share our guiding ethos and who possess such outstanding ability that they frequently work alongside members of the Ewing Law team in a wide variety of the cases we undertake. In support of the proactive and modern approach Ewing Law seeks to apply, we are proud to list a number of these highly sought after barristers as ‘Associate Counsel’.

Tony Wyatt

Associate Counsel
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