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Direct Access

Ewing Law is affiliated to Ewing Direct, a sister company that offers administrative assistance to any client seeking to take advantage of the ‘Direct Access’ scheme.

Under the Direct Access system, member of the public and companies can now approach barristers directly for their assistance on a great many legal matters, including family law, defamation and personal injury. Gone are the days when – in those rare cases – a solicitor was needed at great additional cost simply to gain access to a specialist barrister.

Whilst the scheme has undoubtedly been a success, it has two significant problems: firstly, it is very difficult for a member of the public to know for sure that the barrister they are getting has the skills they need. And second, most barristers – even though direct access qualified – will hesitate to take on a case of any real significance in the absence of a support structure to deal with the substantial administrative work that comes with any major instruction.

Ewing Direct seeks to solve these problems. We will utilise our own expertise and experience of the Bar to not only ensure that our clients instruct only the very best barristers, but to ensure that they are able to do so at a competitive price. And we will do the same in respect of any experts that become necessary as proceedings progress.

In addition we will undertake to deal with any administrative matters that arise, from letter writing to document drafting, all the way up to dealing directly with the courts in respect of case listing. In short, we will take the burden away from the barrister so that he and she can do what they do best, and we will take the worry away from our client by shouldering the ‘paperwork’ stress that major litigation will cause.

The service Ewing Direct provides – particularly in respect of divorce and defamation, to which the scheme is most applicable – is unlike anything offered by any other company: cradle-to-grave litigation assistance on any matter to which Direct Access is available, along with a pricing structure that ensures that the efficient and satisfactory conclusion of every case is in the interests of every party.