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Practice Areas

Dedicated to providing a first-class, bespoke service to every client, The Ewing Law Team offers decades of experience and recognised expertise in the fields of Serious and Private Crime, White Collar Fraud, Proceeds of Crime, Regulatory Law, Private Road Traffic, Private Family Law and Sport.

Led by Principal Solicitor Scott Ewing and utilising long-standing relationships with many of the UK’s leading barristers and barristers chambers, The Ewing Law Team ensures that the service provided to each and every client is unique and tailored to that client’s needs, providing ‘The Right Team for the Right Case’ every time.

Our expert personnel take a hands-on approach to every case, large or small. We select the barristers and the lawyers most suited and best able to support us in each individual case, ensuring their dedicated attention, skilled advocacy and sound advice.

We believe that this attention to detail combines with our rejection of the typical ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach and the extensive experience and expertise of The Ewing Law team to achieve what should be every lawyer’s goal: the skilled representation of every client in every discipline.

Serious and Private Crime

Ewing Law is at the very forefront of Serious and Private Criminal Defence. For over 10 years Principal Solicitor Scott Ewing has been consistently recommended as a ‘Leader in his Field’ in General Crime by the Chambers and Partners Directory, the UK’s leading independent guide to the legal profession. This ranking in fact followed Mr Ewing to Ewing Law within a year of our inception, making us one of the youngest firms to ever receive the prestigious accolade.

That Ewing Law has the experience and expertise to deliver in even the most serious, complex and high profile of criminal cases is evidenced by the caseload undertaken by both Mr Ewing and Mr Newell throughout their long careers. Since the firm was established in 2013 our Serious and Private Crime practice has ranged from murder to large-scale drug importations, from kidnap to blackmail, from armed robberies to serious allegations of a sexual nature and most everything in between. In addition we have a particular expertise in the fields of corruption, bribery and money laundering that has been much sought after in recent years.

With decades of experience to call upon, our team members have been instructed to defend in cases brought by all of the major UK prosecuting bodies, including but not limited to the Crown Prosecution Service, the CPS Special Case Work Unit, The Serious and Organised Crime Agency (incorporating Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs), the Serious Fraud Office, Her Majesty’s Insolvency Service, the Health and Safety Executive, the Food Standards Agency, the Department of Work and Pensions, the Federation Against Copyright Theft, the British Phonographic Industry, the Department of Business, Enterprise, Innovation and Skills, and local Trading Standards Agencies. This wealth of experience makes Ewing Law the logical choice for any individual or company subject to investigation by any prosecuting body within the United Kingdom.

We are regularly instructed to defend in many of the highest profile prosecutions nationwide, with our reputation in this area of law taking us from London to Newcastle to Bristol and everywhere in between. In addition, our team members have worked internationally in states such as Spain, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

White Collar Fraud

The Ewing Law Team also possess unrivalled experience in defending every variation of Criminal Fraud, including White Collar Fraud. Led by Principal Solicitor Scott Ewing – again recommended as a ‘Leader in his Field’ by the Chambers and Partners Directory, this time in the field of ‘Criminal Fraud’ – our personnel have been involved in many of the largest and most complex fraud trials heard in the UK in the past 20 years.

With combined experience that includes defending in the largest Boiler Room Fraud ever prosecuted (not to mention the majority of those other prosecutions that vied for the same title), the most serious of the original Carousel/Missing Trader Frauds of the 1990’s, a host of highly publicised Company Director/Client Account/ Pension Fund Frauds and in recent years a spate of Banking and Commodities Frauds, the expertise offered by The Ewing Law Team in the field of White Collar Financial Crime is truly second to none. From the most complex M-Tech Fraud through Ponzi Fraud and down to much simpler allegations of Benefit Fraud, there is simple no form of financial crime that The Ewing Law Team has not defended.

In the current financial and political climate it is this area of law that most occupies the time of Principle Solicitor Scott Ewing. His hard-won reputation going before him, Mr Ewing is currently advising scores of traders in relation to a raft of arrests over the past two years. With a host of clients currently facing arrest or charge in relation to frauds arising from the sale of commodities such as Carbon Credits, Diamonds, Wine, Land Bank Guarantees and Rare Earth Metals, Mr Ewing has secured his position as the City’s go-to Criminal Practitioner.

Proceeds of Crime

With Ewing Law’s pre-eminence in the field of White Collar Fraud, it is perhaps inevitable that we are equally as experienced in the field of Proceeds of Crime. Members of our team have been involved in some of the largest and most complex applications for confiscation since the introduction of the Proceeds of Crime Act. Our success in these and other such cases have left us much in demand, often leading to client’s seeking our assistance even where we were not instructed in the original case.

Regulatory Law

The Ewing Law team boasts considerable experience in advising and defending in a wide variety of Regulatory matters. These have ranged from Health and Safety prosecutions to allegations of Food Standard Agency violations to matters brought before the General Medical Council, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and the General Dental Council. We at Ewing Law have pursued and defended these matters at all levels, from the Magistrates Court through to the High Court and all the way to the Court of Appeal.

Private Family

Ewing Law also offers a dedicated service in the field of private family law, with particular emphasis upon divorce.

Our team accepts instructions on a private basis only, in relation to both the financial and child elements of high-value divorce proceedings. Our involvement is available from the very earliest stages and through to the effective conclusion of the case. In that time we offer a professional service with a personal approach, combining legal, procedural and practical expertise with the round-the-clock accessibility sometimes needed in this often sadly contentious area of law.

Ewing Law offers a ‘hands-on’, 24-hour service with a determination to fight our client’s corner, whilst at the same time realising that this area of law can be more emotional and stressful than any other. As such our clients can rely upon us to keep a cool head regardless of the actions of others, and to do everything within our power to ensure that proceedings are settled as painlessly and as professionally as possible. Those we represent can expect sensible and reasonable advice regardless of the heightened emotions that can surround any divorce, as well as a comprehensive legal and administrative service including – where necessary – the instruction of professional mediators, childcare and child psychology experts, and forensic accountants.


Members of the Ewing Law team have been described as having “an ever increasing presence in Sports Law”, a reputation that has only grown with the 2012 Olympics. Already experienced in disciplinary proceedings, contract disputes and doping prosecutions in sports as varied as boxing, rugby, cricket, football, swimming and athletics, Ewing Law’s standing amongst sportsmen and women – and with sporting associations – has further increased thanks to its successful representation of an ever-growing number of current and former Olympians. We also continue to provide legal advice to a variety of international sporting governing bodies. Ewing Law has so far worked exclusively alongside Tony Wyatt in this area of law, an independent barrister who has agreed to act as one of our Associate Counsel and who has been recommended as a “Leader in his Field” in Sports Law by the Chambers and Partners Directory since 2010.